Performance Exhaust systems in Ellesmere Port Engine Centre Ltd

Performance Exhaust systems in Ellesmere Port Engine Centre Ltd

Performance Exhaust systems from Ellesmere Port Engine Centre Ltd can greatly improve both the sound and performance of your car. There are a huge range of makes and styles of performance exhaust systems on the market and to choose from at the Ellesmere Port Engine Centre Ltd, but all have a primary aim which is to give you more power. Most exhaust systems now are made from stainless steel which has proved very popular over the past 15 years because it offers long life and great looks; however it is still possible to buy exhausts made from either mild or aluminized steel which offer the same performance at a great price.

Performance exhausts

usually now fit on to the back of the original catalytic convertor and go from there to the back of the car, although on some exhaust applications you can also get the exhaust  manifold, downpipes and cat also included. The increase in BHP comes from the design of the exhaust, this might be an increase bore exhaust size of the exhaust pipe work, or by a straight through design of the exhaust silencers or a combination of them both, this will increase the volume and efficiency of the exhausts gases from the engine. Normally you will find with the increase performance comes with the added benefit of a sportier, deeper exhaust note. Another reason for fitting an exhaust system is to change the look for the exhaust by fitting a nicer looking tailpipe trim.

So if you need an exhaust or any advice concerning your exhaust system give Ellesmere Port Engine Centre Ltd a call we will be more than happy to help