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Troubleshooting Engine Problems By Sound

My Engine Sounds Like …

There is a lot that can be learned by listening to your engine. Is it telling you something important or is it just rambling on with nothing to say? If your car starts to change its tune, you should give it a listen. Nobody knows your engine better than you do. If it starts to sound odd, or even a little different, there could be a problem. If you catch these types of problems early enough you can avoid a lot of time at the repair shop later, not to mention the money!


Engine Coolant Brown and Foamy

Engine Coolant Brown and Foamy

Your coolant is brown in color and foamy

Symptom: Engine is using more oil than normal. Coolant appears brownish and foamy. Your car seems to be losing oil someplace, but there aren’t any obvious leaks, and no smoke from the exhaust. You check your coolant and it looks like foamy root beer

Possible Causes:

1. Blown head gasket.

The Fix: Replace head gasket.

2. Cracked cylinder head.

The Fix: Remove and repair head, or replace cylinder head with new part.

3. Leaking oil-to-water cooler.

The Fix: Repair or replace oil cooler.

The engine idles too fast

Symptom: The engine idles too fast. After the engine has run long enough to be warm, the idle speed does not come down to normal. You really notice it when you come to a stop and must have to push hard on the brake pedal to keep the car from moving.

Possible causes:

1. If you have a carburetor, you may have a bad accelerator pump or power circuit.

The Fix: Replace accelerator pump or replace carburetor.

2. The engine may be overheating.

The Fix: Check and repair cooling system.

3. The fuel pressure regulator may be operating at too low a pressure.

The Fix: Check fuel pressure with a fuel pressure gauge. Replace fuel pressure regulator. (Generally not a DIY job)

4. The ignition timing may be set wrong.

The Fix: Adjust ignition timing.

5. There may be some type of ignition problem.

The Fix: Check and replace distributor cap, rotor, ignition wires and spark plugs.

6. There may be a fault in the computerized engine control system.

The Fix: Check engine control systems with a scan tool. Test circuits and repair or replace components as required. (Generally not a DIY job)

7. There may be a vacuum leak.

The Fix: Check and replace vacuum lines as required.

8. You have a bad idle speed control unit.

The Fix: Replace idle speed control unit.

9. The alternator may not be working properly.

The Fix: Replace alternator.

Stranded in Chester

I was driving to Chester from Birkenhead when my car started to act up. Since we were arriving in Chester at 5PM on a Tuesday we thought for sure we wouldn’t find anyone who would be willing to look at, diagnose then fix our car by the time we had to leave the next day.


Ellesmere Port Engine Centre lived up to their name and really helped us out! We called at 5PM and they agreed to come and pick up the car. They promised to look at it first thing the next morning since they knew we had to get back to Birkenhead. One of the mechanics even gave my husband a ride back to our hotel out of kindness.


Ellesmere Port Engine Centre stayed true to their word and had our car fixed by noon the next day. They really saved the day and kept us from being stranded in Chester! I would recommend them to anyone. They were absolutely wonderful- oh, and the car is doing great now!”

Stranded in Chester

Emerly from Chester

“I love the service I get from Ellesmere Port Engine Centre. The guys there are always nice, respectful, helpful and got my car in and out quickly. I’m Loving it.  I tell everyone that will listen to me how great I think Ellesmere Port Engine Centre service is. You should make me your outside sales marketer. Thanks for being there.

Emerly from Chester

John from Chester

“This is just to let you know how much I appreciate the great service Ellesmere Port Engine Centre provided me recently. We brought our car in with what we thought was an electrical problem. Come to find out it was a exhaust problem with the catalytic converter. On your own you checked with the Chevrolet dealership and found out it was still under warranty. Then you took the car over to the dealership and when they finished you went back over and picked it up. All in the same day. Now that’s great service. Not only did you save me a lot of money but you also saved me a lot of time. I really appreciate that kind of service. Customer for Life.

John from Chester

Thanks Little Sutton

Dear Ellesmere Port Engine Centre Thank you so much for the overhaul of my car, it runs like new. It is so great to find a business in this day and age you can completely trust. Your whole staff is so great! Thanks much,“

– Deiz from Little Sutton