Head Gaskets Supplied and fitted by Ellesmere Port Engine Centre Ltd

Head Gaskets Supplied and fitted by Ellesmere Port Engine Centre Ltd

All garage services provided by Ellesmere Port Engine Centre come fully guaranteed. We replace, install and fix or repair Head Gaskets at very competitive prices in Ellesmere Port, Chester and Birkenhead. The starting price to have your Head Gaskets replaced, installed and fixed or repaired would start from only £150.

All prices are estimated using standard factory production line models and standard repair procedures, the price can change depending on make and model of vehicle plus unforeseen problems. All repair work prices will be finalized before commencement of any repair work. No extra work will be carried out unless authorized by the customer first.

All repair work carried out by Ellesmere Port Engine Centre Ltd is fully guaranteed

All prices subject to VAT


Exhaust System parts i Ellesmere Port

Exhaust System parts

Tailpipe moves the flow of the car exhaust from the muffler to the back of the car. The tailpipe has various curves that fit sweetly around the chassis and other car parts. It more often than not sits right under the back bumper, and the end of this pipe is angled so the is lying downwards.

Mufflers reduce engine resonance to an absolute minimum when gases move through the exhaust pipes.

Exhaust Pipes are coupled from the exhaust to the catalytic converter. When it comes to in-line engines the pipe is a single unit, but on the V-type the pipe is connected to each flange, and these are coupled into a single pipe.

Catalytic Converters, there are two forms of Catalytic Converters, one is pellet and the other is monolithic, the pellet has a lot of tiny beads, and the gases in the exhaust pass above it. In a monolithic form, the gases pass through a ceramic block, this monolithic form converter must deliver oxygen in order for the Catalytic Converter to operate efficiently.

The ‘Y’ Pipe is linked to the Exhaust Pipe and makes one pipe into two or two into one. It is like making up two complete separate pipes, it would cost a lot more if you had two pipe because then you would need two Catalytic Converters and two mufflers and more pipe headers.

Resonators are basically the second muffler in view of the fact that the muffler cannot decrease the noise of the engine by on its own. In exhaust systems that are tunes which are intended for performance, the resonance of the exhaust pipes is also used to draw the combustion produce out of the combustion chamber more rapidly.

Exhaust Manifold directly steers the exhaust gases away from the combustion chambers over to the exhaust pipe instead letting the gases into the cabin. Numerous exhaust systems are constructed out of cast iron, nodular iron, stainless steel or heavy-gauge steel. The exhaust system has an exhaust dock for each one in the cylinder head, and a level surface on the system fits adjacent to a corresponding area on the exhaust docking area within the cylinder head. Some exhaust systems have a gasket flanked by the exhaust manifold and the cylinder head.

Find a wide range of affordable Car Exhaust systems from our well stocked shop,

Engine Coolant Brown and Foamy

Engine Coolant Brown and Foamy

Your coolant is brown in color and foamy

Symptom: Engine is using more oil than normal. Coolant appears brownish and foamy. Your car seems to be losing oil someplace, but there aren’t any obvious leaks, and no smoke from the exhaust. You check your coolant and it looks like foamy root beer

Possible Causes:

1. Blown head gasket.

The Fix: Replace head gasket.

2. Cracked cylinder head.

The Fix: Remove and repair head, or replace cylinder head with new part.

3. Leaking oil-to-water cooler.

The Fix: Repair or replace oil cooler.

Repairing Your Overheating Engine

Repairing Your Overheating Engine

When the weather is warm, we rely on our car’s cooling system to keep temperatures in the engine compartment under control, and keep us on the road. Your cooling system is a series of components that circulate coolant through the engine to absorb heat, then circulate air around the coolant to get it out. If any part of the system stops working, you’re on the side of the road while your engine takes a steam bath.

The best medicine is preventive. You should flush your radiator on schedule to keep the system clean and well flowing. Unfortunately we aren’t always lucky, and things go wrong. Let us help you figure out why your car or truck is running hot or overheating.

if your engine is overheating shortly after you leave, or it heats up even on short trips, you should check the following possible causes and repair suggestions.

Ellesmere Port

“Just a short note to let you know that the service that Ellesmere Port Engine Centre and its staff provide in the timely repair of my personal and company vehicles is the best that I have experienced. From the simple tasks of changing oil to the not so easy rebuild of my Ford F-350 clutch and 6 speed manual transmission, no job seems insurmountable for your technicians. Your prompt same day service, fair pricing and unbeatable warranty will always make your facility my first stop for all my auto repair needs. As a small business owner we do appreciate you taking care of business. We have had our business for over 8 years and would recommend your repair facility to anyone. Ellesmere Port Engine Centre friendly and no nonsense approach to repairs and warranty make it almost fun to have my vehicles repaired. Thank you for all your good work”

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