Garage services in Ellesmere Port

Ellesmere Port Engine Centre Ltd

Garage services in Ellesmere Port

For al your garage service requirements come down to are garage at the Ellesmere Port Engine Centre Ltd, the five bay garage is fully equipped with all garage equipment for carrying out MOT’s, full service, tyre fitting, exhaust replacements and all types of car engine repairs, Including head gaskets, piston rings, camshafts, timing chains ect ect

So don’t let getting your car repaired in Ellesmere Port stress you out, bring it down to the garage and we will sort it for you, all car repairs come fully guaranteed.

So for all your car repair requirements call us on 0151 356 7839

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Car stalls when stopped quickly

Car stalls when stopped quickly

Symptom: Car stalls when stopped quickly. You are driving along and everything is just fine … until you let off the gas pedal and apply the brakes. The engine starts shaking and may even stall. Not a good thing to happen because you lose power steering when the engine dies.

Possible causes:

1. There may be a serious vacuum leak.

The Fix: Check and replace vacuum lines as required.

2. There may be a fault in the computerized engine control system.

The Fix: Check engine control systems with a scan tool. Test circuits and repair or replace components as required. (Generally not a DIY job)

3. Broken linkage.

The Fix: Repair or replace as required.


In my recent visit to Ellesmere Port Engine Centre automotive facility, it was reaffirmed to me by your act of kindness in conjunction with you and your staffs talent, integrity,  professionalism of mine, family and friends life long patronage. It is refreshing to deal with an individual and an establishment with honesty and character continued success”

With appreciation, Thomas from