Car using oil, but no smoke in the exhaust

Car using oil, but no smoke in the exhaust

Symptom: The car uses more oil than normal, but there is no trace of smoke from the exhaust. The oil level is low between oil changes. You never noticed it before and it doesn’t appear that the oil is being burned by the engine. There is not a trace of smoke in the exhaust.

Possible causes:

1. The PCV system is not working properly.

The Fix: Replace PCV valve.

2. The engine may have mechanical problems.

The Fix: Check compression to determine engine condition.

3. The engine’s valve seals may be worn.

The Fix: Replace valve seals. (Generally not a DIY job)

4. The engine’s gaskets and seals may be damaged.

The Fix: Replace gaskets and seals as required.


Engine Oil Consumption

Troubleshooting Engine Oil Consumption

Is your oil level low between oil changes? If your car’s engine is operating as it should, there will be no need to add oil. Unfortunately older engines rarely enjoy this luxury. As the engine wears, oil makes its escape. A little oil added now and then is nothing to worry about, but if you’re adding a quart or more between oil changes, you may have a fixable problem in there. Your engine may be burning oil thanks to worn piston rings. Your engine could also be leaking oil thanks to a bad gasket or cracked part. Or you could be losing oil through the head gasket into the cooling system. This can be an expensive repair.