Engine using oil and there is smoke in your exhaust

Smoke in Exhaust

Engine using oil and there is smoke in your exhaust

Symptom: Engine uses more oil than normal, and there is some smoke from the exhaust. The oil level is low between oil changes. It appears that the oil is being burned by the engine because of the smoke in the exhaust. You may or may not notice the engine doesn’t have the same power as it used to.

Possible causes:

1. The PCV system is not working properly.

The Fix: Replace PCV valve.

2. The engine may have mechanical problems.

The Fix: Check compression to determine engine condition.

3. The engine’s piston rings may be worn.

The Fix: Replace piston rings. (Generally not a DIY job)

4. The engine’s valve seals may be worn.

The Fix: Replace valve seals. (Generally not a DIY job)


Sharon from Blacon

“Ellesmere Port Engine Centre have done good by me for years now! I don’t trust anyone else with my car! thanks for always being there when I need ya”

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“This is just to let you know how much I appreciate the great service Ellesmere Port Engine Centre provided me recently. We brought our car in with what we thought was an electrical problem. Come to find out it was a exhaust problem with the catalytic converter. On your own you checked with the Chevrolet dealership and found out it was still under warranty. Then you took the car over to the dealership and when they finished you went back over and picked it up. All in the same day. Now that’s great service. Not only did you save me a lot of money but you also saved me a lot of time. I really appreciate that kind of service. Customer for Life.

John from Chester


In my recent visit to Ellesmere Port Engine Centre automotive facility, it was reaffirmed to me by your act of kindness in conjunction with you and your staffs talent, integrity,  professionalism of mine, family and friends life long patronage. It is refreshing to deal with an individual and an establishment with honesty and character continued success”

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Thanks Little Sutton

Dear Ellesmere Port Engine Centre Thank you so much for the overhaul of my car, it runs like new. It is so great to find a business in this day and age you can completely trust. Your whole staff is so great! Thanks much,“

– Deiz from Little Sutton